Sessió 14 - Experimental Economics and Climate Change Cooperation (II)

Dia: Dissabte 10 d'octubre

Horari: 10h a 14h

Lloc: Edifici ICTA-ICP, Carrer de les Columnes s/n, Campus de la UAB, Bellaterra, Barcelona

Coordinació de la sessió: Juana Castro and Filippos Exadaktylos

Sessió a càrrec de: Juana Castro and Filippos Exadaktylos

Idioma: Castellà o anglès

Students will be shortly introduced to the Experimental Economics (EE): we study in human behavior, altruism, reciprocity and cooperation. Students then will then participate in a clasical economic game to get familiarized with the methodology of EE and then in the more climate change related “Common pool resource Game” played in groups of four. Based on the results of this game, insights will be drawn regarding the Tragedy of the Commons and the importance of cooperation among people for Climate Change. Discussion will follow with students and results will be compared with the second session.


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